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Student Story

Lucy Duan, one of our students from The Dandelion School who subsequently graduated from UWC Atlantic College in Wales, UK and then from Luther College in Iowa, has gone on to work at a tech start-up company in Boston. All the while she has applied to and received acceptance for a masters program at both Brandeis University and Harvard University. We are very excited to see where she takes her future and her career.

New Dandelion Campus

The Dandelion School fills a crucial role. Roughly 1/5 of the entire Chinese population, around 250 million people, are workers or children of migrant workers. Roughly 50 million of those are school-age children. Serious social problems loom on the horizon as these children are prevented from entering the city's public school system by the Chinese residential registration system. Their families serve as an indispensable work force for urban development in China, yet they have the fewest opportunities for success in life.

Dandelion is the first and only junior middle school established specifically for the children of low-income migrant families in Beijing. With the rapid expansion of the city and aging school buildings, it became necessary to relocate the school. It is with great joy that I heard of the announcement for a new Dandelion School campus. This comes with vast improvement in all aspects of student life and learning. Two, 5-story education buildings will contain 18 general purpose classrooms as well as specific classrooms for physics, chemistry, biology, music, and dance. Integrated dormitory space, dining commons, and outdoor track and basketball court are also being built. The larger campus will enable the school to enroll more children in need and accommodate more teachers, thus enabling them to carry out their mission all the better.

Below are photos of ongoing construction.

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